Influencer Vovo opens up on love and the type of boyfriend she wants


Influencer Vovo opens up on love and the type of boyfriend she wants

South African influencer, Vovo might only be 102cm tall, but she’s got a big personality and she can’t wait for fans to get to know her.

The sassy, strong-willed, and fun social influencer Vuyokazi ‘Vovo’ Nguqu is going to be part of a new reality show. She chats to the publication ahead of the premiere of her show, Short n Sweet, a new reality show coming to Mzansi Magic in July.

“Oh, the show is going to be lit,” Vovo exclaims.

“People really love me and they are going to love seeing me in my space. They must expect to see something big, something hot,” she says.

Premised on three little people with big hearts and even bigger dreams, the show tells the stories of Vovo, a social media superstar, whose biggest dream is to become a mother, even if it endangers her own life. She is featured on the show with two other people, aspiring taxi boss Thandazani Khubheka, who wants to start a family with his longtime girlfriend; and family heir Sikhumbuzo ‘Shota’ Mkhize, who wants to bring his fractured polygamous kin back together.

Vovo says she was approached by someone from Mzansi Magic after they saw how loved she is and the constantly growing number of followers on her social media.

“We met up in Joburg and it was decided that we were going to do it.”

She speaks about how she has been warned by doctors that she cannot carry a child because of her height.

“They have said I am not tall enough to carry a child and that if I did it would be risky . . . It is a risk I am willing to take. I love children and I am good with them. I really have a heart for kids,” she says.

She adds that she is not worried that her child will also be short like she is, she believes there will be no genetic passing of the height.

“They will be tall, andijonge engqondweni (and look at me at the top of my head)”

Asked how her height affects her dating life, Vovo says it doesn’t.

“Umjolo is hard for everyone. Tall, short, slim or fat. We are all suffering in umjolo. Having a crush on someone is normal and natura,l so if I do have a crush on someone I just approach them and we take it to WhatsApp. And don’t think I want to date a short person just because I am short. I want a tall person who can get the toilet paper and glass, and also change the lightbulb.

“We are normal people and we have feelings just like everyone else. Just because we are short does not mean there is anything different about us.

Vovo feels as though people disrespect short people because of their height and wishes that would end.

“I want people who watch this show to learn to respect short people. We are all human beings and we are all equal. You know, I would be out shopping and people treat me like a child and ask me questions like ‘who are you with my child?’ This happens even though you can see from my clothes that I am not a child. I do not wear floral things,” she says.

Even though she lives her life as best as she can and does not let her height stand in the way of her dreams, she was once asked to change her job title because a customer complained.

“I was a call center agent and a customer complained that I sound like a child and so they moved me from being a sales agent to being a quality control officer.”

She has clothes tailor-made when she needs to dress up for functions because there are no formal clothes her size for her age, which she does not want to share.

“Thankfully when it comes to shoes, I prefer sneakers and those are not hard to find,” she adds.

Short n Sweet premiers Mzansi Magic (DStv Channel 161) on 7 July at 8 pm.

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