Best sex positions for men with small penises

Best sex positions for men with small penises

For men who are less well-endowed, sex can still be extremely pleasurable and mind-blowing.

Understandably, a lot of men are concerned about their size of their penis when it comes to action under the sheets and being able to please her (or him. Or them).

Sex experts recommend men with small penises opt for positions that help with deep penetration, with certain positions making all the difference if deeper stimulation is what you’re after.

Certain sex positions are known to utilise the entire length of the shaft allowing for maximum pleasure, the question is which ones are best?

Sex positions for small penises
Certain sex positions such as the face-off allow for deep penetration (Image: E+ Getty Images)

According to Men’s Health, the 10 best sex positions for men with small penises include:

Doggie style

Doggy style involves a rear entry sex position and is as the name entails, the style of dogs. This sex position allows for maximum penetration.

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The Face Off

The Face Off involves the man sitting and his partner straddling on top of him, both face to face. The position is great for those with a small penis as it involves less “in and out” penetration but rather a “wiggling” around while inside your other half.

The Little Dipper

This position requires your partner to host their body over you which, when the penis is inserted, should reveal a T-shaped formation. Experts say this position allows for clitoral stimulation for the woman.

Squatting Cowgirl

The squatting cowgirl again allows for deep penetration, manual clitoral and G-spot stimulation.

Stand and Deliver

This position involves the man standing next to the edge of the bed or desk while the partner lies back and raises their legs to their chest. Both of your knees are bent as if you are riding a bicycle.

Positions to help for maximum pleasure
Certain sexual positions are known to help with men who are less endowed (Image: Getty Images/EyeEm)

Elevated Reverse Cowgirl

Similar to women on top except in this case the woman has her back to the man. The Elevated Cowgirl allows for maximum penetration and puts her in control.

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The Spork

Experts highly recommend this position as it allows the man to use the women’s legs as leverage. It’s performed by lying on the floor with one leg extended straight. The man then kneels between her legs and raises the other leg straight up so it’s resting on his shoulders. Using the leg as leverage allows the man to thrust much deeper.

Pole Position

The pole position is performed by the man sitting on the side of a sofa and having the women sit on him, however, their legs are facing either right or left rather than straight ahead.

This style allows the hips to drop slightly, giving that all-important extra penetration.

The G-Whiz

The G-Whiz is performed by having your partner lie on their back and pull their knees up to their chest and roll back so their hips lift off the floor. If knees are able to, a man can squat next to them with his knees moving outside of hers. Experts say this is one of the best positions for maximum penetration.

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The Flat Iron

This position begins with having your partner lie on their stomach with their feet squeezed tightly together. The man lies on their back and enters from behind. The Flat Iron entails a lot of squeezing and in fact, the more squeezing, the more friction and therefore the more pleasure for both.

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