Best sex positions for lazy men who like to sit back and enjoy the show

Best sex positions for lazy men who like to sit back and enjoy the show

With temperatures set to sizzling this week, lethargy and laziness may be all too common for most.

Sex is known to bump up your heart rate and uses various muscles equating in a tiring activity for those who have had a long day.

For the randy ones out there though, what does this mean for getting your freak on while also wanting to chill a bit?

Fortunately, there are a few positions that require simple thrusting but equate to just as good as a full-on acrobatic performance.

Here are five of the best positions for the lazy man and how they’re performed.

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Sex positions for lazy men
The straddle position is one position perfect for the lazy man (Image: Getty Images/EyeEm)


Missionary is probably the most common sex position and perfect for lazy lovers as there is not a lot of imagination involved.

If he’s feeling tired, missionary is a godsend and boils sex down to its essence: simple thrusting.

The Tight Squeeze

This position allows for the man to hold his weight gently on the woman.

Essentially it is similar to taking her from behind, however, you are lying on top allowing for tiny thrusts with maximum results.

Straddle sex

This position yet again requires minimal effort on the man’s part.

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Simply put, the man sits down somewhere comfortable, the women straddles him and sits on his penis and away….she goes.

Some gentle rocking on his part may increase the penetration and excitement.


The classic tale of man and woman lying beside each other in bed and off they go.

This easy-to-do position involves laying side to side so you are almost crotch to bum.

Again, gentle rocking is all that is needed and best of all it is a position to suit lazy women too, as simple thrusts back every now and then should suffice.

Reverse Cowgirl

Some sex positions require more effort from one partner than the other.

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The reverse cowgirl, a variation of the cowgirl position, is one example.

This position allows the man to literally sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

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