Then & Now: Netizens in disbelief of man’s miraculous recovery after breaking 14 facial bones


Then & Now: Netizens in disbelief of man’s miraculous recovery after breaking 14 facial bones

A man who broke every bone in his face after falling from a three-story balcony has made a recovery so incredible that netizens are in disbelief.

Justin Starks, 24, landed on his chin after plunging around 30 feet from his apartment balcony in Stanford. He fractured 14 facial bones but was lucky not to suffer any skull fractures.

Starks, a software engineer by profession, was rushed to the hospital where he had to go through two major operations. One of which involved holding his face together with 90 screws.

The second procedure was to ‘peel’ off his skin and rebuild the broken bones on his face. This also involved wiring his jaw shut.

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He had suffered 14 facial fractures – including his cheeks, nose, eye sockets, and upper jaw – and doctors had to fuse his jaw back together.

More than a month after the incident, doctors used 3D printing technology to reconstruct his face.

Starks, who has almost no memory of the fall or the pain he suffered from the fracture, began his road to recovery in December 2021. He dropped 30 pounds in the last six months because he had to be on a liquid diet to avoid chewing.

Miraculously, his face has retained its original shape. The recovery is so impressive that netizens are in disbelief.

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While I do not remember the impact, I do know that I landed on my chin. I know that because my chin split open and reverberated throughout the rest of my face and broke literally every single bone in my face; my jaw on both sides, my nasal bone,” said Starks.

“I used to consider myself a pretty attractive guy and to go out and look in a mirror and see my face swollen and puffy and not what I wanted it to be. I did have some insecurities about that,” he added.
According to a DailyMail report, the whole reconstruction surgery will take around to complete.

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