Why Ghanaians Have Problem With Me- Efia Odo Finally Shares Secret


Why Ghanaians Have Problem With Me- Efia Odo Finally Shares Secret

Efia Odo has finally let us in on why Ghanaians are ready to shred her into pieces with or without any provocation.
Undoubtedly, the actress and Instagram celebrity is one of the most trolled Ghanaian celebs and in a recent interview with Graphic Showbiz, the ever sexy Efia said Ghanaians simply don’t understand her that is why they are always on her suffocating her.

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“I can’t understand why Ghanaians have problems with everything I do. How I dress, the things I say, and whatever I do is a problem to Ghanaians and I can’t understand why.

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“I think Ghanaians are hypocrites, they are okay with comments of other celebrities in Ghana and abroad and even how they dress but they have problems with mine and whatever I do,” she added.

According to Efia Odo, there was nothing she could do about her life and what Ghanaians thought about her so far as she was okay with the life she was living.

“I think I am one of the coolest persons in the entertainment industry when you get close to me. I just happen to speak my mind on issues bothering me and that’s what people don’t get. When you are outspoken, you are seen as being some way.

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“That is me and it is about time Ghanaians got used to me. As for my dressing, I think it is fine because other celebs dress worse than me,” she stated.

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