Man Electrocuted To Death Whilst Trying To Save A Bird Trapped On High Tension Wire (VIDEO)


Man Electrocuted To Death Whilst Trying To Save A Bird Trapped On High Tension Wire (VIDEO)

A young man paid with his life whilst trying to be a good Samaritan to a dying bird who was trapped on a high tension wire.

A video that has broken many hearts on social media shows the unidentified failed hero climbing the electric pole armed with a long metal.

IAs he tried to hit the bird to free it, he hit the high tension wire with the metal and he was electrocuted. The spark caused him to fall to his death and people who witnessed the incident rushed to his side only to find him motionless on the ground after falling from about 30 feet high.

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Watch the video HERE

In other news, reality TV star and actress, Eriata Ese has pulled the tail of colleagues trailing the part of Davido following his successful cash receipts in his bank account.

Reacting to this, Eriate Ese blurted that it is funny how everyone is confidently posting their account details because Davido did it whilst pointing to the fact that Davido has helped a lot of people and for the first time he wants to know how far people can go for him.

According to the former Big Brother Naija housemate, the moral of this is that you should be good to people and never think anyone doesn’t deserve better and she urged her colleagues and fans to impact in people’s life before you think you deserve to expect so much from people.

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