Ghanaians Remember JJ Rawlings One Year After His Death


Ghanaians Remember JJ Rawlings One Year After His Death

Today marks exactly one year since former Ghanaian head of state, John Jerry Rawlings passed away.
It could be recalled that his death came as a blow to Ghanaians as it sent Ghanaians into a state of mourning for days.

It took several days for many Ghanaians to actually believe that indeed the man who is touted as the Junior Jesus is no more.

A year after his death, Ghanaians have remembered him, and here are a few reactions we gathered;

sweet_maame_adwoa – It’s been one year sinxe former President Rawlings passed on #ripjj

adwoanana1clothingonline – How time flies 😢😢

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aborkugyaroseline44 – Year already

aborkugyaroseline44 – Wow hmm his gentle soul rest

vera_payla – Right now naaa year has come RIP

@theakyemmafia – Today is a solemn and reflective day As the celebration of the life of the Flt Lt Jeremiah John Rawlings goes on today. His core principles of Probity, Equity and Accountability should be the guiding light for our nation. Forever in our hearts…

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