Boity reacts to Mihlali’s R50k girlfriend allowance (Video)


Boity reacts to Mihlali’s R50k girlfriend allowance (Video)

Boity’s reaction to Mihlali Ndamase’s monthly allowance from her man has netizens buzzing.

In a YouTube show named, Cocktail Hour With Boity. the two were seen bonding over mixtures of alcoholic drinks and they moved to spilling truths about their past and present lives.

The beauty influencer revealed she received a sum of R50 000 monthly from her former lover.

I once had a girlfriend allowance and shame it was cute,” she said. However, the rapper asked that she get more specific by revealing the cute amount.

The 25-year-old revealed the cute price to be R50k, but Boity didn’t flinch at the price, as she simply reacted with, “that’s really cute.”

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Mihlali further made it clear that her price has gone up now, as her allowance should be R100 000 upward.

However, social media users have gone frenzy over the confession and many are more concerned about Boity’s reaction, as they assume that the rapper’s allowance will be definitely higher than Mihlali’s price, as her body language might have downgraded Mihlali’s allowance to be a chicken feed.

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