“Admire And Promote My Music Just As You Admire My B00bs”-S3fa Fumes


“Admire And Promote My Music Just As You Admire My B00bs”-S3fa Fumes

Talented Ghanaian songstress, Sefadzi Amesu, professionally known as S3fa has lamented how Ghanaians especially her male fans tend to admire her huge melons instead of promoting her music brand.

Speaking in an interview on Accra-based Asaase Radio, S3fa stated that most people are interested in her outer appearance more than her craft as a musician and as such, they promote her songs less and admire her b00bs more.

If it’s not about my breasts, then it has to do about my shape or my ass or something. I feel like…it’s because they like it that’s why they are talking about it. But that shouldn’t be the topic,” she said.

She stated that although their appearance is part of their brand as musicians, most people tend to talk about that more than their songs.

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“if.. all the attention is based on the looks and not about promoting the music or promoting the vocals or promoting the person’s songs elsewhere, then what’s the purpose of all this?”

“I’m not an actress, I’m not a model, I’m a musician, if you’re promoting my looks, at least add the music to it, let it go … hand in hand or the music more than the looks. It shouldn’t just be about my looks“, she lamented.

She went on to say that female musician have to perform twice as well as or better than men to be noticed in this section of our profession.

Speaking about her personal life and that as a musician, the “E choke” hitmaker stated that the personality she portrays off social media is different from that as a musician.

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“No, but that’s not me, … the S3fa that my mom knows, my father knows, is the Sefa that’s always sleeping, watching cartoons in the room always. Like, I don’t even go out, because I don’t like to go out,” she said.

“But then when it comes to my work, when it comes to my social media, when it comes to my stage performance, my music, I have an alter ego, that’s the “Sefa_gh” that you guys see, the music me. That’s the one that gives you all that … but me myself, I’m very calm,” she added.

She went on to express her displeasure about the perception most people have about female singers by saying; “we don’t necessarily sell with sex, we sell with our femininity.”


“Noting that most of the times people attend shows not “because of your music” but “because they want to see you as a female … They’re coming to look at you“, she added.

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