Think Well Before Having Kids — Actress Mercy Johnson


Think Well Before Having Kids — Actress Mercy Johnson

Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson has shared a life-saving piece of advice to her fans and followers on social media on having children.
In a video sighted on her official Instagram page, Mercy Johnson advised people who want to get children to think well before having children because being a mother is not easy.

According to her, nursing kids is not easy as she has to ensure her children before she sleeps therefore, anyone who intends to have children should reason very well because the work is not small work.

Sharing the video on her Instagram page she wrote;

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You know say everything na laff una dey laff ,i am serious oooo….

Moms , how is it like for you after work? Are you on team sneak to your room or team lets play and spend time together small.

This comes after Mercy Johnson during one of her usual funny videos shared her husband’s reaction when it was detected that she was going to be pregnant with twin boys this month and his reaction made the whole video very funny and got almost everyone giggling.

Prince Okojie was seen running away from the camera the moment it was detected that his wife is going to be pregnant with twin boys this month and he running away means he doesn’t want to have any more children with her.

Check out some reactions to her advice below;

@perfectstopover wrote; “I tell people BE mentally ready!!! Even if na 1 child e no easy”

@iamplusone wrote; “Base on if GOD wan make your voice dey always pepper you, just born only boys, as in like 4boys😂😂😂”

@fashiondoctor wrote; “Especially because SAPA dey outside and school fees and baby food this days, no be your mate😂”

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