Ami Faku’s management slams tweeps after her viral video


Ami Faku’s management slams tweeps after her viral video

Raphael Benza of Vth Season management, where Ami Faku is signed has reacted to the viral video of the star wearing her sneakers wrongly.

Ami was all over social media after it was seen in the video that she exchanged the shoes of each leg, which is quite wrong to viewers, but a few persons are wondering if it’s the new trend.

Reacting to this, her management explained what was happening in the viral video, he expressed his disappointment at the disregard for the mental health of artists and criticised the media for its “lack of empathy”.

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Ami’s management lambasted people who are continuing to circulate the video, labelling them as “insensitive”.

“I think what’s happening is the disregard for mental health of people and artists over the past 18 months. It’s ridiculous, harmful and insensitive for a media house to repeating or report it when artists are going through a lot of stress mentally.”

Watch video below:

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