Sanitary Pads Designed For Men Causes Confusion On Social Media


Sanitary Pads Designed For Men Causes Confusion On Social Media

A hilarious photo has hit the internet causing a lot of reactions and confusion on social media with the male gender asking questions.

It’s no news that the only gender that uses sanitary pads are women for their menstrual discharge. It appears an invention has been made for men to feel how the female gender battles with wearing sanitary pads during the menstrual cycle.

An unknown company has manufactured a sanitary pad made for me that has surfaced online to solve the problems most men have been experiencing with urinal stains and other fluid discharges.

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In the photos making rounds on social media, it would be seen that the sanitary pads made for men also looks like a panty liner that will be absorbing and protect men from urinal stains and other discharges which will prevent them from staining their boxers or shorts.

After the photo hit the internet, a lot of social media users have reacted to the newly invented sanitary pads for men. A lot of them have expressed shock and also find the invention ridiculous.

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