‘I’ll Always Find My Way To The Top’ – Lydia Forson


‘I’ll Always Find My Way To The Top’ – Lydia Forson

Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson has revealed that she is someone who always finds her way to the top no matter what happens.

The beautiful actress made this known in a recent post she made on her verified social media handle on the popular social media platform, Twitter.

Making the post, she shared some photos from her vacation to Paris, and as a caption to the photos, she wrote;

““ I’ll always find my way to the top, always.” #missforson”


Days ago, the actress was in the news as she warned that no one should use the word difficult to describe her even if it’s a joke because she isn’t difficult as some people see it but rather meticulous.

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According to her, she’s no longer entertaining being called difficult as she’s meticulous, thorough, and assertive and not difficult as some people have been labeling her adding that she wouldn’t be where she is if she wasn’t.

Lydia Forson’s post shows that there was a time she accepted being difficult when people classify her like that but now she’s no longer going to entertain that as she feels she’s not difficult as these people say but instead she’s meticulous and assertive and that has made her who she is today.

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