Before You Say I DO, Here Are A Few Things To Consider Before Getting Married


Before You Say I DO, Here Are A Few Things To Consider Before Getting Married

Oheneyere Gifty Anti has taken us through some of the things to consider before saying I DO or walking down the aisle with my partner and we think everyone needs to go through this especially the ladies.
Gifty Anti hasn’t been married for long but has been able to share with us the best advice a mother could give to her child. According to the post, one shouldn’t rush into marriage but rather marry when you are ready as a man or a woman.

Oheneyere Gifty Anti made us aware that marrying because you feel lonely is not advisable because there comes a time in your marriage that you will be lonely and the most important one is to invest in yourself as an individual because your financial stability is your sexiest asset.

Oheneyere Gifty Anti continued that before you say I DO to someone, ask yourself whether you can deal with it if the person cheats on you and make sure you never start wife things that you can’t keep or continue before you get married to your partner and never accepts any form of abuse in the relationship.

Adding that you can never change a man when married and make sure you don’t release all your assets when dating and know that your marriage is between your family and your partner’s family hence be vigilant and pray about it before entering it. These are some of the things one must take a very good look at before you say I DO.

And know that all marriages are not the same!

Everyone is different!But ultimately make up your mind that you will be happy! You will create happy moments! So help you God.

Even as you look out for all these, make sure you are ready for marriage! Work on yourself to be better version of yourself!!

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