Jilted Boyfriend Found Dead Under Bizarre Condition; Body Already Decomposing


Jilted Boyfriend Found Dead Under Bizarre Condition; Body Already Decomposing

A young man, Francis Essuman was found dead this afternoon in his room after co-tenants picked up an offensive smell emanating from his room. His co-tenants initial suspected the foul smell to be that of faecal matter until they observed flies buzzing all around his entrance.

As he is known to be an introvert, his co-tenants never suspected anything bad to have happened to him as they never felt his presence in the compound for the past three days. Some say he last returned on a Sunday night after a party and never came out.

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Alarmed by what they saw in his room, the co-tenants rushed to the community authorities to inform them about the death of Francis Essuman. His body was already decomposing hence the foul smell they picked up on the compound.

A police officer resident on the compound told Angel FM’s reporter that the deceased, days before his demise spoke bitterly about his girlfriend. According to the police officer who is also a tenant on the compound, the deceased was very emotional about a break-up he has had with his girlfriend, Roseline.

“Francis kept knocking his head against the wall while he spoke about the issue,” the reporter narrated.

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But the girlfriend had denied it was her who left the relationship. She argued that Francis Essuman was infuriated by her complaint about his health and drinking habit. She disclosed that the deceased had a chronic ulcer that gets worse anytime he drinks alcohol.

Roseline indicated that the boyfriend got angry over her complaints and requested to break up with her. Days after the break-up, none had been on talking terms, and this had made residents believe Francis Essuman was depressed and might have taken something poisonous to take his life.

In the meantime, the Police have exhumed the body and deposited it at the local morgue. Investigations are expected to conclude soon about what caused his death.

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