Get 4M YouTube Subscribers and views free (2021)


Get 4M YouTube Subscribers and views free (2021)

In this post, you’re going to learn how to get more YouTube subscribers in 2021.

In fact:

These are the exact strategies I used to grow my channel from zero to 451K subscribers:

And today I’m going to show you how I did it…

1. Use “Power Playlists”
“Power Playlists” are like regular playlists… but better.

Here’s exactly how they work:

You see, most playlists are organized by topic.

Power playlists

But Power Playlists are organized by outcomes.

Here’s an example from my channel:

Backlinko – Power playlists

As you can see, the title of that playlist is an outcome:

Power playlist – Name as an outcome

Which makes people MUCH more likely to watch my playlist… and subscribe.

2. Publish Long Videos

A while back we did the largest YouTube ranking factors study ever.

Backlinko – YouTube ranking factors

In that study, we analyzed 11 factors that might help video rank in YouTube’s search engine.

And we found something surprising:

Longer videos rank better in YouTube’s search results.

Longer videos tend to rank better in YouTube

For example, some time ago I published this video.

As you can see, my video is almost 13 minutes long:

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SEO for beginners – Video duration

And that’s one of the main reasons that it ranks in the top spot in YouTube for the keyword: “SEO”:

YouTube SERP – SEO

3. Promote Videos In Your End Screen

Here’s the deal:

The more of your videos someone watches, the more likely they are to subscribe.

The question is:

How do you get people to watch 2, 5 or even 10 of your videos?

Promote another video in your End Screen.

Here’s an example from my channel:

Backlinko end screen – Next video

This simple “Next Video” has led LOTS more views and subscribers:

YouTube analytics – End screen video clicks

Here’s how you can do the same thing:

First, include 10 seconds of time at the end of your videos specifically for your End Screen.

Here’s what mine looks like in the raw video file:

Backlinko – End Screen template

Then, use YouTube’s End Screen editor to add a link to a related video:

Backlinko – End Screen editor

That’s all there is to it 🙂

4. Use a Brand Watermark

You probably know that you can add a Branding Watermark to your videos.

Branding Watermark

This watermark lets viewers subscribe to your channel inside of your video.

Backlinko YouTube watermark

Unfortunately, most Branding Watermarks are completely ignored.

For example…

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I once added this watermark to all of my videos:

Backlinko – First watermark

And it didn’t work.

So I decided to try something new.

Instead of a watermark that looked cool…

…I used one that looked like a normal YouTube subscribe button.

Backlinko – Latest watermark

And my new watermark generated 70% more subscribers than my old one.

Backlinko – New watermark success

Pretty cool.

5. Focus On Video Quality

When I first started my YouTube channel, I read the same advice over and over again:

“If you want to grow your channel, you need to upload videos on a regular basis”.

Unfortunately, simply publishing a bunch of videos usually doesn’t work.

I’ll explain:

When I first started my channel I published videos on a consistent schedule…

…but no one watched them.

Backlinko – Low YouTube view rate

And the few people that watched my videos didn’t even bother to subscribe.

Backlinko YouTube channel – Low subscriber conversion

So I decided to change my approach.

Instead of quantity, I decided to focus 100% on quality.

And this “quality over quantity” approach to my YouTube videos worked super well.

Flash forward to today and my channel generates over 189k views per month from only 39 total videos:

Backlinko YouTube – Monthly views

And because I make sure every video is high-quality, over 4k people subscribe to my channel every month:

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Backlinko YouTube – Subscribers

6. Reply To Every Comment

This is one of the easiest ways to get more subscribers.

In fact, YouTube’s internal data has found a clear correlation between replying to comments and subscribers:

“When creators take the time to interact with their loyal community, it can encourage audience participation and ultimately result in a larger fanbase.”

Why does this help?

Well, most YouTubers never reply to comments.

Which means you instantly stand out when you do.

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