Funny Face Savagely Replies A Troll Who Insulted Him By Asking Ne Ho B3n Na 3ye


Funny Face Savagely Replies A Troll Who Insulted Him By Asking Ne Ho B3n Na 3ye

The children’s president Funny Face has savagely replied to a troll who insulted him asking ‘ne how ben na 3y3’ which is literally translated as how important is he.
This banter between Funny Face and the troll all came about when someone was praising him for making his baby mama Vanessa famous as no one knew who she was if not for the fact that he had a relationship with her.

But then this person believes otherwise saying that Vanessa was very beautiful and intelligent even before meeting Funny Face but after meeting Funny Face her beauty is gone asking that Funny ne ho ben na 3y3 to be praised for making Vanessa famous.

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Funny Face replying to the troll went savage on him/her jokingly asking that he/her should be calming down because blood pressure is real and the hate in her heart is too much as one can tell based on how she jumped to the defense of Vanessa.

Funny Face then asked her to go and listen to Otan Paaa Ni on his album as that is addressed to her and her generation and that is an indirect insult. Funny Face and his baby mama have their own issue but for a fan to insult him like a nobody is to the extreme.

He has personally decided not to harbor any hate inside himself or be fighting people up and down on social media to get him more depressed and we think that is a good step in the right direction that will help him.

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