What men expect to see in women before proposing love


What men expect to see in women before proposing love

Men love to associate with women whose smile does not leave their faces. If the woman is the type known for frowning, the man is likely to leave her without thinking of returning to her. This is just a logical principle. Women known for bright smiles attract men whiles those known for frowning repel them.

Men are always happy with a loving woman who knows that a man is like a small child, the soft dealing with him is the most important thing that makes him attracted to women and increases his admiration for her.

Satisfaction is one of the most important qualities that fascinates a man in a woman and that a man loves in any wife he associates with, as a satisfied woman is the one who lives her life with him on the hard and easy, and does not get bored of the fluctuations of days.

A woman who improves the reception of a man always has his admiration for her, and his great love for her, and speaking with a man in a low voice, and not raising her voice to her husband is one of the most important things that make a man increase his love in his wife.

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The closest way to a man’s heart is his stomach, and an intelligent wife has to approach her husband by making the foods that the man loves, and which he is happy when he finds his wife doing. The woman must always renew the form of the foods that she serves to the man so that he does not get bored.

A man is always looking for a woman who obeys him, does not violate his orders, who always takes care of her wearing clothes for her husband, and always takes care of herself so that he likes him.

Housing, affection and mercy in dealing with a man, if he is indeed your husband, are among the most important things that attract him to you and that make him extremely love and get a reassurance with you.

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Respect in a woman is one of the most important qualities that any man is looking for, which makes a man very much in love with his wife and makes him adore her.

The girl who has good manners, and who always forgives and forgives anyone who offends her, is the girl that a man loves, and he likes to be his life partner, on the contrary, if she is a cruel person with a rigid heart, then any man will flee from her.

Modesty is one of the most important qualities that if a man finds in a woman, he is always in love with her, and he can never leave her or abandon her.

A man loves to associate with a smart woman who understands a man from his eyes, and who does not deliberately complain about the presence of a man at home and his return from work is stressful.

Compliments and a sweet, sweet tongue from a woman are among the things that are required and sought by a man, and which he loves in a woman as well and is very fond of her.

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The wisdom of a woman is always in her dealings with problems, and avoiding nervousness with men and dealing with peers are among the things that make a man fond of her, and he finds her a wise person whom he depends on in his life.

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