Sam George clashes with CNN journalist on HIV infected gays, dev’t of Ningo-Prampram


Sam George clashes with CNN journalist on HIV infected gays, dev’t of Ningo-Prampram

It was a fierce exchange of words between lawmaker for Ningo-Prampram Sam George and CNN Journalist Larry Modowo on the Anti-LGBTQI Bill before Ghana’s parliament.

What started with a normal tone appeared to have heated up following the line of questioning by the Kenyan Journalist who himself is gay by trying to suggest that the National Democratic Congress(NDC) was pursuing an agenda that does not factor in the development of his constituents.

The outspoken Ghanaian lawmaker had revealed that he received the blessings of his constituents and two traditional areas in the fight against the LGBTQI in Ghana’s legislature

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“I am a Ghanaian legislator and so that you know I represent a constituency or community with two traditional areas. Before agreeing to push this bill I met with my two traditional councils…I am a representative of the people who voted for me, the traditional councils who voted for me say this is against our culture”

But Larry Modowo who confirmed his gay status on his 43rd birthday angered Sam George when he asked “The people who voted for you in your constituency of all the problems they have is this the major problem for them?

But in a subtle jab to responded “ Well, this is one of the major issues for them. The government of Ghana in 2020 spent two hundred million dollars subsidizing the cost of ant-retroviral drugs for persons who are HIV/AIDS. The Ghana AIDS Commission is telling us that Men having Sex with Men(MSM), homosexuals are leading the surge in HIV prevalence in Ghana. Two hundred million dollars could have fixed the water problems in my constituency.”

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