I will drop all your dirty secrets if you dare me


I will drop all your dirty secrets if you dare me

Top Ghanaian broadcaster, Mona Gucci has angrily asked Ayisha Modi to stay out of her trouble else she will spill out all her dirty secrets on social media.
According to Mona Gucci, she’s aware that all the slay queens who have been picking on her with the slightest opportunity they get are the toys of Ayisha Modi whom she had done nothing wrong to.

Whiles addressing the issue on ONUA TV’s “Biribi Gyegye” program, the former Kantanka TV employee also disclosed how Ayisha Modi recorded a conversation she had with her husband and later forwarded it to her.

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Mona Gucci who sounded extremely angry and impatient with her delivery also issued a stern warning to Ayisha Modi to brace herself with the impending bombshell she’s about to drop on her if she doesn’t tell her barking dogs to stop attacking her on the internet.

On top of her intensely irritating rants, she also dismissed the wild claims that Ayisha Modi is the one who linked her up with her current boyfriend.

She tagged the fast trending rumors as pure lies orchestrated by Ayisha Modi just to chase clout and also get plaudits that she doesn’t deserve.

Controversial Mona Gucci additionally stated emphatically that she’s not afraid of Ayisha Modi and she’s ready to face her boot-for-boot.

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