Hot News: CNN faces Sam George for after making this unusual and public post to social media


Hot News: CNN faces Sam George for after making this unusual and public post to social media

CNN have met the blunt side of the Ningo pram pram member of parliament a few minutes ago after they boldly made a comment to their Twitter page a post that did not go well with Sam George. Sam George has been fighting tirelessly for the passing of the LGBTQ bill.

The battle he is fighting or has fought was to ensure that our children as Ghanaians are not influenced by the practices that they grow up to watch or witness. One of the things that disturbs Sam George the most about this LGBTQ issue is how children will be initiated from their childhood because that is what they grew up seeing.

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Because of this, Sam George says no LGBTQ member should be allowed the opportunity to adopt a kid because all that they will do is impart this practice into the innocent child and this is never going to be accepted by him.

Sam George after fighting for this bill has responded to a tweet from CNN on how a comic series which is a popular cartoon watched by most children is having gay relationship in it.

Because of the way LGBTQ is being inculcated into the minds of the innocent children, they watch these series and feel same-sex relationship is a normal thing and something that is right to do.

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How can a children’s comic series be having an LGBTQ related content? This is something Sam George does not agree to and this made him send this message to the public as he responded to the post from CNN.

The Superman series is a series that has become one of the most-watched and admired cartoon movies in the whole world. When children are talking about fictional superheroes, Superman always comes first. But here is the case they are making the one man who is most loved by children gay in order to influence children and that is something Sam George totally frown upon.

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