More praise for Sam George after face-off with CNN reporter on anti-LGBTQ+ bill


More praise for Sam George after face-off with CNN reporter on anti-LGBTQ+ bill

It appears Samuel Nartey George, the Member of Parliament for Ningo-Prampram came out of his interview with CNN unscathed and with an enhanced reputation as a defender of the ‘culture and values’ of Ghanaians in relation to the anti-LGBTQ+ bill.

Ghanaian social media space is filled with adulations for Sam George who mounted a fierce defense of the decision by some MPs to sponsor the bill that seeks to criminalize homosexuality in the country.

A seeming attempt by Kenyan-born CNN report Larry Madowo to have Sam George choke on his own bill backfired as the legislator, in the estimation of most social media viewers distinguished himself and addressed the issues effectively.

Whiles showering praises on Sam George for articulating his position soundly with well-researched information on the topic, some users criticized Larry Madowo for not preparing effectively for the interview.

They observed that Madowo was not well abreast with the content of the anti-LGBTQ+ bill which formed the basis of the interview.

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A tweet by the CNN reporter on the interview was hijacked with words of praise for Sam George and bashing of Madowo for his perceived bias as well as some words he used on Sam George.

Below are some posts from social media

This Kenyan Journalist who interviewed Sam George this afternoon is really funny , he said upon all the problems in sam George’s constituency, the Major problem problem sam found was homosexuality. The interviewer be kwasia pas ???????? ????????????

— AYEDUASE PULISIC (@quame_age) October 8, 2021

Sam George is so so brilliant. One of the best young politicians in Africa by far ❤️

— AYEDUASE PULISIC (@quame_age) October 8, 2021

This is one of the most contentious interviews I’ve ever done on live TV. I asked a Ghanaian MP pushing an anti-LGBT bill why he wants to legalize hate & homophobia.

“Only 7% of Ghanaians are tolerant of homosexuality,” MP @samgeorgegh told me on @OneWorldCNN

— Larry Madowo (@LarryMadowo) October 8, 2021

Just finished watching the whole thing. Sam George totally bodied him. The Larry guy dey do emotional argument

— Ernest Coleman (@cole__xy) October 8, 2021

Let’s be honest. Sam George really killed the interview. I don’t care where you stand, but that’s the truth

— Kwaku O.???????? (@kwakurafiki2) October 8, 2021

“Any person engaging in an illegal activity should be afraid. Period!”… Sam George on CNN,,,Solid Guy i Stan @samgeorgegh ????????????????#EdemAgbanaSpace

— $uame_Dangote???????????????????????????????? (@SuameDangote12) October 8, 2021

See how Larry tried to pack the bus but unfortunately Sam George’s Tiki Taka responses killed the interview…Sam George said he deals with specifics not abstract ????????????????????????

— NANA (@On_De_BeaT) October 8, 2021

Sam George????????????????????????Man of the moment

— Sa__Dick OBE???????????? (@itz_Afellay) October 8, 2021

Sam George may you and your generation remain blessed by the Lord God Almighty for defending the position of we the Christian population in Ghana’s parliament

— Branches in the Vine ( Vine virtuous lady) (@OforiAppiah) October 8, 2021

Sam George should better stand for president oooooo. At least, Christians and Muslims will definitely vote for him.

— Analimbey, A. ???????????????????? (@analimbeychris) October 8, 2021

Watch the full interview here:

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