Why are you not writing to promote incest among adults? – Okoe-Boye asks Prof Gadzekpo


Why are you not writing to promote incest among adults? – Okoe-Boye asks Prof Gadzekpo

Bernard Okoe-Boye, the former Deputy Minister of Health is questioning why a campaign is not being waged in favour of sexual relations between parent and their adult children if consent and rights forms the basis of arguments in favor same-sex relations.

According to him, if it is okay for persons of the same sex to have an amorous relationship because it is their right then a parent who finds sexual pleasure in their child should be given the legal backing to embark on such cause.

Bernard Okoe-Boye made the remark on Metro TV’s Good Morning Ghana programme, as he tried to drive home his point about the absurdity in the argument being made some eighteen Ghanaian academicians and lawyers who are championing the protection of the rights of the LGBTQ+ community in the country.

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Okoe-Boye who admitted to being riled by the conversation, could not fathom how some persons, including Professor Audrey Gadzekpo whom he confessed to having huge respect for, could defend homosexuals in the country.

Okoe-Boye submitted that gaysim and lesbianism is the biggest threat to human existence and must not be countenanced in any form. Whiles global warming has been touted as the biggest danger facing the human race, Okoe-Boye believes same-sex relations ranks above it.

Okoe-Boye said that as a country, it is imperative that the values and norms are protected and that he has hope in Parliament and the government to pass the bill.

“What is more dangerous to the human race than a practice that does not allow procreation. This LGBTQ+ thing is more dangerous than carbon dioxide emissions and global warming. When you put ‘road closed’ on a particular road, it doesn’t mean you don’t like the driver but if that road has a tendency of creating accidents, you are only saving lives.

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“There are many Ghanaians married who could have become LGBTQ+ if what they feel was allowed but they couldn’t. Sometimes you create a law to suppress a feeling which you know is on a bad road.

“Why is Professor Gadzekpo not writing to promote incest… because there are adults who are attracted to their daughters and their daughters who are also adults are attracted to them, but why is the law going after them. What kind of nonsense is that? You have a man who says I feel sexually attracted to my child and you have a child of age who also feels the same, why doesn’t the law allow it,” he said.

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Professor Gadzekpo who was mentioned by Bernard Okoe-Boye is one of eighteen prominent Ghanaians who have sent a memo to Parliament seeking the dismissal of the anti-LGBTQ+ bill.

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