I don’t like how my girlfriend is still close with her ex-boyfriend-Worried Man


I don’t like how my girlfriend is still close with her ex-boyfriend-Worried Man

Is it wrong to still be in contact with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend?

There are some people who after they breakup still communicate with their exes and even ask for advice and other ‘stuffs’ from them.

To some, their exes turn enemies to them after they break up as they don’t want to have anything to do with them.

Some also ostracize themselves from their exes to mend their broken heart faster.

Well, a similar story on whether to be still communicative with your ex or not has been shared on the micro-blogging website, Instagram by popular Nigerian relationship expert, Joro Olumofin.

In the screenshot email shared on Joro Olumofin’s Instagram page, a man lamented over his girlfriend’s closeness with his ex-boyfriend.

The man is suggesting that his girlfriend could still be in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend.

According to the man, his girlfriend still talks to her ex-boyfriend.

He added that his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend still buys her things on different occasions.

He further stated that the girlfriend always shares the picture of her ex-boyfriend on his WhatsApp status and calls her ‘sister’.

“They are so close,they even wear each other stuffs like clothes and hairs. One day they all went out together and she didn’t come back till the next day. They all lodge together” The man disclosed.

The man is now wondering if the girlfriend is still in a relationship with his ex-boyfriend because the closeness between them is very suspicious.

My girlfriend is still close with her ex-boyfriend-Man laments

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