Nigerians Don’t Deserve Help – Ruth Kadiri Says As She Asks Some Important Questions


Nigerians Don’t Deserve Help – Ruth Kadiri Says As She Asks Some Important Questions

Actress Ruth Kadiri has concluded that Nigerians don’t deserve help after asking some important questions that most Nigerians including celebrities are guilty of.
Ruth Kadiri sharing her thoughts about the recent happenings and how the same people you try to fight for turn their back on you and even make you regret ever trying to fight for them concluded that Nigerians don’t deserve to be helped at all.


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Ruth Kadiri posted asking how do you fight for people who don’t want to be fought for and how do you defend people who will tell you to rest after two posts about fighting for their cause on social media making it look as if you have nothing important doing to be fighting for them when they themselves are not interested in fighting for their rights.

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Adding that the only thing they are interested in or want to read about is how a celebrity marriage ended and how an actress is sleeping with a married ma but is you call out a politician, and 10 other hating truth some benefit hungry clout chasing celebrities will come and say I stand with.

Looking at all this made Ruth Kadiri conclude that Nigerians don’t deserve help asking that no one should even bother trying to help them because the people they are trying to help aren’t interested in helping themselves expressing how heartbroken that makes her.

Ruth Kadiri is right as the youths that are supposed to stand for themselves and fight for their rights are only interested in gossips and how someone’s marriage crushed or another who I sleeping with someone’s husband just to make their life on social media miserable.

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