Eggs In UK Having Expiry Dates Sparks Reactions On Social Media


Eggs In UK Having Expiry Dates Sparks Reactions On Social Media

Photos of a crate of eggs in the UK with expiry dates embossed on them is making rounds on social media and it has caused quite some stir among netizens.

The photos seen had BB(Best Before) printed on them and most Nigerians expressed surprise at the photos since such things are barely seen in Nigeria.

See photos:

See some reactions gathered from Nigerians on social media.

Maxymilliano: Nothing of such in Nigeria, particularly the BB (best before), but stamped/branded eggs are available, e.g Funtuna Eggs.

The company name is usually stamped on each egg before package

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helinues: Eggs in UK? Is Nigeria and UK age mate in everything?

Do we even have big poultry farms in Nigeria

hisexcellency34: Do you understand what big poultry farm means. How many states in Nigeria is Obj farm supplying with their eggs?

Flyingngel: If Nigerians can erase the expiry date on soft drink to a brand new date, is it the egg own that can’t be erase if it is stamp? Abeg for this country, corrupt people no reach 5%.

ValCon888: The only time you know an egg has expired in Naija is when you crack it open and the foul stench chases you out of your house.

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Naijanascam: Stop repeating yourself…… have you placed an order and it wasn’t supplied to you?….. answer or stop playing mr know it all… Mr jack of all trades but master of none…

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