I Dated A Broke Guy For 6 Months Because He Was ‘Eating’ Me Well – Blessing Okoro (VIDEO)


I Dated A Broke Guy For 6 Months Because He Was ‘Eating’ Me Well – Blessing Okoro (VIDEO)

Nigerian relationship and se.x therapist, Blessing Okoro has revealed that she once dated a broke guy for almost six months because he satisfied her se.xually.
Blessing Okoro stated in a video that the guy had nothing to offer or bring to the table in their relationship but due to his bedroom prowess and knacking skills, she maintained him.

However, she advised women who are struggling to dump men who gives them the best se.x to learn to have self-control like her and break up with them before it is too late.

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“How I Fell In Love With A 4ck boy…. save me .

Falling in love with a 4ck boy is the most difficult thing for a woman because sex can be a big trap, especially good se”

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😂😂 it applies to both party, some girls are unproductive, all they want is money in return na sex and she can’t even perform well. u see man wey perform well thank ur star’s ✨ ooh, he dey sha clean d play head wella

Almost every girl has come across 4ck boys. I can attest to that…. But there’s no life there anyways 🤦

Very true bout 4ck boy but how about the Spice of a 4ckboy with the sauce of husband material?😉

Now let me go back and watch to listen… was bizy admiring you , your hair, facial expression, the pointed nose and the nose ring…I beg you set ❤❤

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