Check out 2 female celebrities who proposed to men but ended in tears


Check out 2 female celebrities who proposed to men but ended in tears

Ladies Have you proposed to a guy before? what was the feedback?

In Ghana here, the is a perception that it is the responsibility of guys to propose to ladies and so even if the ladies are in love, they find it difficult to approach the guys. Ladies who propose to guys are seen as cheap.

There are some popular Ghanaian female celebrities who had the courage to approach a guy and spelt out their love for them but unfortunately ended in tears.

I guess you are eager to see these Ghanaian celebrities who broke all protocols to express their love for their crush and so without wasting much time, let’s us dig into them

Efia Odo

One of the female Ghanaian celebrities who had the courage to propose to their crush is Efia Odo. Efia Odo known in real life as Andrea Owusu is a popular Ghanaian actress, TV presenter, and social media influencer who was a nurse in the US.

The famous Ghanaian Celebrity Efia Odo came to the limestone after she joined the TV station Kwese TV as the host of their morning show in the year 2018. As an actress, the US based assistant nurse Efia Odo has stirred in a lot of movies of which includes “Heals and sneakers” and a lot more.

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Some time ago, the popular Ghanaian Celebrity Efia Odo had a very handsome boyfriend who goes by the name Kwaku Reveloe. she was always seen Flaunting him here and there on her social media platform.

Unfortunately, the relationship between the social media influencer Efia Odo and Kweku Reveloe could not stand the test of time.

Few months after the two love birds were spotted expressing how much they love each other, Efia Odo took down all photos she shared with Kweku Reveloe from her social media platform revealing that it ended in tears between herself and Kweku Reveloe.

After Efia Odo broke all ties with Kweku Reveloe, Efia Odo in a interview with Abeiku Aggrey Santana revealed she was the one who proposed to Kweku Reveloe.

“I met him through my friend, I met him one or two times before but didn’t exchange words. A friend celebrated her birthday and we met again at Signature and then we were chilling, and he came around, so I took the opportunity to propose to him”. Efia Odo revealed.

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According to Efia Odo, she doesn’t see anything wrong with ladies proposing to a guy she is in love with.

“I don’t see anything wrong with proposing to a man you find attractive, he is a nice guy and I had to tell him how I feel. The feeling was also mutual,” she added.



Another Ghanaian female celebrity who proposed to a guy but ended in tears is Mzvee. Mzvee as widely known is a famous Ghanaian singer who is undeniably one of the best female vocalists in Ghana.

As a talented musician, Efia Odo has released a lot of hit songs of which includes ” come and see my mother”,” natural girl” and many others. She has also won a lot of hit songs as her career as a musician is concern and it includes Female vocalist of the year award and Best music video of the year of which she received during the 2021 Ghanaian music awards.

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The popular Ghanaian female vocalist Mzvee is also known as Vera Hamenoo-Kpeda is included in the list of Ghanaian female celebrities who once proposed to a guy but ended in tears.

The award-winning musician Mzvee in an exclusive interview on Accra FM revealed that she once propose to a guy in her days in school but unfortunately the guy, he bounced her. The popular Ghanaian musician Mzvee again revealed that the guy was truthful enough to disclose to her he was with another lady.

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