Robber Caught For The Murder Of The Police Killed By Robbers In The Van


Robber Caught For The Murder Of The Police Killed By Robbers In The Van

The long awaited news that Ghanaians were waiting to hear has finally arrived because one robber who was part of the robbers who killed the police in the bully van has been arrested by the police.

The Ghana police is really doing their best to catch all does criminals who shot the police in the van containing money to dead leasing the driver in a critical condition which is really trending at all the social media platforms.

According to the police, they has arrested one young boy saying is is among those who went for the operation in the van and due to that they are to deal with him according to the laws of this country.

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They stated that, they tried their best to let the guy confirm or show those who were among of the robbery but he never gave any comments .

The police stated that, they will surely catch all those criminals and work with them according to our laws

They stated that during their investigations the caught the young man whilst he was in his ride and they questioned him and due to fear he confirmed that he was part of the operation.

Let’s pray that the police will bring us good results.

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